2016/17 Meeting Dates 

State College
State College
Western PA
State College
Slippery Rock, PA

State College

The STEPS of PA Network is a not-for-profit network of health, safety & environmental professionals aimed at assisting any and all service companies involved in the oil & gas industry throughout the PA region. These companies can be any companies involved in the Service, Transmission, Exploration & Productions activities within the state. There are no companies too large nor any companies too small to be involved in the STEPS of PA network as long as their goals are in line with our vision.

STEPS of PA has a very clear vision “Incident-Free Operations”. This simply means that we want to stress that ALL operations within the State of PA operate with the highest level of integrity.

Our goal is to ensure that all workers, contractors, visitors, regulatory bodies, communities in which we work as well as the environment where we operate are all protected at all times and that at the end of day everyone arrives back safe at home in the same condition they went to work in.

STEPS works closely with the various OSHA offices across the US and with all the state and local regulatory agencies. The latest OSHA guidelines for the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry are located here.